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Kushal Morzeria

I am fascinated by the connectedness of everyday devices which are increasingly sophisticated – the so called Internet of Things. With almost monthly advancements in artificial intelligence and the sharing economy, this is an exciting time to be involved in tech and the UK’s digital economy.

I am an advocate of disruptive technologies and artificial intelligence – we have seen a number of recent examples of businesses providing traditional services in a modern way. I am interested in smart cities initiatives and how forward planning and green enterprises shape our environment and infrastructure.

The UK’s digital strategy is geared towards embracing emerging technology and creating a space which is conducive to innovation, investment and ensuring the UK is at the forefront of tech initiatives, where entrepreneurs and start-ups can flourish, especially given that Silicon Roundabout is widely considered to be the third largest cluster of technology start-ups in the world, behind San Francisco and New York City.

I have a particular interest in blockchain technology and the ever more prevalent nature of blockchain in mainstream business activities.

I can often be found at networking events around Silicon Roundabout, do say hello if we ever meet!