Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Mediation is now recognised as one of the fastest and most cost effective methods of settling disputes. 

Going to trial is expensive and stressful, often taking months or years of costly litigation with no guarantee of an outcome that satisfies the parties when you get there. Mediation is often cheaper and quicker, and can be used when opposing parties want to find a workable solution, yet for some reason cannot reach a settlement. 

Most people involved in a dispute would rather reach a settlement than go to trial. The process brings together opposing parties and their advisors and replaces adversarial confrontation with principled negotiation and the object of finding a workable agreement between the parties thereby avoiding recourse to the Courts.

The benefits of reaching an agreement through mediation are often very significant in both financial and personal terms. Mediation is entirely private and can help avoid unwelcome publicity. Any settlement reached does not set a precedent for similar disputes in the future. Parties are now being encouraged into mediation by the Courts which often prevent the parties pursuing litigation.

Jeremy Kleinfeld is accredited as a mediator by CEDR, one of the UK’s leading training and mediation providers. DKLM can offer mediation services in their own right as well as advising clients who are involved in litigation and wish to use mediation as a method of resolving their dispute.

Our experience shows that matters which are mediated stand more than a 75% prospect of being resolved thus avoiding the time, trouble, inconvenience, risk and expense of litigation.

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