Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance is a term that refers to products that are designed to comply with the principles of the Islamic faith, also known as the Sharia. Such alternative finance products are structured very differently from conventional/lending products on the market as they operate without the involvement of any payment or receipt of interest, also known as Ribah, an activity that is forbidden under the Sharia.

Islamic Finance institutions also take great pride in their ethical sources of investments to ensure that their fundings are not derived from unethical commercial activities. For such reasons, Islamic Finance facilities appeal to and are available for people of all or no faith.

As an unconventional form of finance, not many law firms in the UK are familiar with the underlying principles and contractual components that govern a Sharia-compliant transaction.

We have an understanding and experience of lenders’ Sharia requirements and can assist clients in the UK and internationally who wish to borrow using Islamic Residential Finance products in their purchase, sale and refinance transactions.  Most of such products implement a Diminishing Musharaka (Co-ownership) finance model, and more details of this arrangement can be found by clicking here.  

Our multi-lingual team is fluent in Urdu, Hindi , Punjabi, Mandarin and Cantonese, and are able to explain and guide clients through the complexities of dealing with their transaction smoothly to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays. 

Please feel free to contact Nohman Sheikh on +44 207-549-7891 or by e-mail on should you have any queries or if you wish to be connected to our contacts who provide Islamic Finance.