Global Legal Alliance (GLA)

The Global Legal Alliance (“GLA”), founded on 19th May 2016 as a global legal service alliance and an international platform for legal professionals, which is headquartered in Hong Kong and Beijing, is a public platform where global legal service providers are able to network, communicate, and cooperate with each other.

GLA is a not for profit NGO made up of legal institutions and legal service providers developed under the “one belt, one road” initiative.

Current members of GLA include members from China, Hong Kong, UK, Cyprus, USA, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia, South Korea, Singapore and Italy

GLA has created twelve special business groups to develop the cross-collaboration of all GLA members. These groups include: Banking and Finance, General Corporate, MA& Capital Market, Properties, Dispute Resolution, Private Clients, Intellectual Property, Environment, Energy and Infrastructure, Food& Drug, Middle East Business and Development, Trade Remedy, and Competition.

GLA aims to hold  conferences for members, entrepreneurs and investors. The conferences will be open to all personnel from varying business sectors across the world. With the 12 business teams, GLA intends to develop strong global legal alliances, in all jurisdictions.

For further information please telephone Jeremy Kleinfeld on +44 20 7549 7894 or by email or Philip Li on +44 20 7549 7883 or by email