A Message from our Managing Partner

Welcome to our website. It is now over five months since the start of the lockdown which has changed everyone’s way of life both personally and professionally in ways nobody could ever have anticipated.  2020 will   hopefully turn out to be a unique year like no other and 2021 will see a return to normality, albeit in a world that will have changed forever.

We are all living in an ever-changing environment and although the relaxation of restrictions has generally continued, there are almost daily changes and the pandemic is clearly not over yet.

Although the Government  policy remains keen to kick start the economy, for schools having reopened and universities about. to start that process being important   ensure the next generation is properly educated .  it is unfortunate that, the risks from the infection are far from  over. It remains to be seen what effect the return to education will have on infection rates but hopefully we are returning to a degree of normality.

Many of our staff continue to work remotely and extremely efficiently from home although increasing numbers are attending the office on an ad hoc basis.  This has enabled us to continue to provide all our clients with the level of service they have come to expect from us over the years and which we strive to continue to provide.

Our best wishes on behalf of everyone at DKLM.

Jeremy Kleinfeld