2020 International and Legal Cooperation Forum in China

Our Managing Partner, Jeremy Kleinfeld, attended and made a speech at a virtual conference which was sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade  and the Changsha Municipal People’s government. The conference was to advance the post Covid law and business environment improvement, corporate compliance, international commercial dispute prevention and resolution with the intention of optimising  the international business environment to find a new approach to international business and legal cooperation as well as to promote economic trade and investment cooperation to jointly boost  recovery of the world economy.

The conference was attended by  business leaders, directors of state-run enterprises, bankers, financers, entrepreneurs and lawyers both from China and many jurisdictions including  Japan, Thailand, Mexico,  Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Singapore  the Ukraine and many countries in Europe and Africa

Jeremy,  who is also the chairman of  the Global Legal Alliance, gave a presentation and answered questions during the convention  on  the future of international mediation under the Singapore convention. Further details are available at https://forum.lawback.com/en/